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Sharkie's Pep Talk

Sharkie Zartman

Your 'get up and go' fix! Join Sharkie and her guests to get fired up with inspiration on empowerment, fitness, yoga and anti-aging.

Sharkie is a part time Professor at El Camino College in the areas of health, fitness and yoga. A former All American and National Team volleyball player Sharkie was honored as being one of the top 25 All Time Volleyball Players at UCLA where they retired her jersey.

About Sharkie Zartman

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11/01/2019     Rita Wilkins - Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle

10/04/2019     Dr. Stephen Sinatra - Integrative Heart Health

06/07/2019    Marina Shakour - The American Diet and Mental Health

05/03/2019    Dr. Katherine Kelly - Recipe for Radiance

4/05/2019    Jami Kirkbride - Parenting With Personality

3/01/2019    Dr. Stan Robertson / Elizabeth Dickinson

2/01/2019    Paul Larsen/Layne Dalfen - Imposter Syndrome/Dreams

1/25/2019    Cara Hewett and Tracy Boril - Soul Happy




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