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This Week's Live Guests


6/17 Monday
    7am News@7 w/ Shrink Wrap
    9am   Empower Series               TODAY: Legendary Lifestyles
  10am   The Sally Kirkland Show    Zoe Moon- Astrology
    1pm   Powell to the People          Wayne and Friends
    2pm  Change Series                  TODAY: Caregiver Dave
    7pm News@7                        
6/18 Tuesday
    7am News@7 w/ Natural Health News
  Linda Mackenzie Show      Linda's World
  Visionary Series              TODAY:   Guy Finley Show
  10am   The Autism Detectives        Dara Berger - Preventing Autism
  12pm   Spiritual Awakening           Satsang Discourse for the Week of June 16th
    1pm   Aspel On The Esplanade
   Steve & Friends
    2pm   Create Series                   TODAY: Dr. Fantastic Show
    6pm   Letting Go w/Guy Finley
    7pm News@7

6/19 Wednesday       
     7am News@7 w/ Sci-Tech News
     8am   Doctor On Call              Celebrity news with Cupid's Pulse
     9am   Harmony Series           TODAY: SpiritTalk Live!
   11am   All About Healing           Frank Cracchiolo - Far Infra Red Sauna Therapy Benefits
   12pm   The Hemp Show            Kiana Prema
     2pm   Feed the Kitty Power Hour Jack & Jed & Friends
   7pm News@7                    
6/20 Thursday            
     7am News@7 w/Arts & Entertainment
9am   Growth Series              TODAY: Natural Eating
   10am   Autism w/Dr. Andy
         Peter Greenlaw - Nutrition
   12pm   Strategies for Living        Noa Belling - The Mindful Body
     1pm   High Energy Health        
     7pm News@7       

6/21 Friday        
     7am News@7 w/Beach Talk
      9am   Renewal Series              TODAY: Zoe Moon Astrology July
   10am   Sharkies Pep Talk            
     7pm News@7

6/22 Saturday       
     7am   Bobby Likis Car Clinic    Car Questions? Call 888-227-2546  
     9am   South Bay Saturdays      Reach Higher w/Leanne Huebner
 South Bay Saturdays      Aspel On the Esplanade w/Steve Aspel
    11am South Bay Saturdays       The Linda Mackenzie Show
    12pm  South Bay Saturdays      Powell to the People
     1pm  South Bay Saturdays       South Bay Beach Talk
     2pm  South Bay Saturdays       Backbeat Radio w/Jay Cruz
     3pm  South Bay Saturdays       Sharkie's Pep Talk w/Sharkie Zartman
     4pm  South Bay Saturdays       Feed The Kitty w/Jed Mottley and Jack Maher
     5pm  South Bay Saturdays       
The Kryss Castle Show
     6pm  South Bay Saturdays       Randi Maggid Show
7pm  South Bay Saturdays       The Hemp Show w/Joanne Rees