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This Week's Live Guests


2/20 Monday
    7am News@7 w/ Shrink Wrap
    9am   Empower Series              TODAY: Millionaire Mindset
  10am   The Sally Kirkland Show   Sally & Friends
  11am   American Made Beauty     Kelly Kovac - Beauty Matters
  12pm   Dr Theresa Nicassio Show Jane Grueber - Food Security & Food Safety
    1pm   Powell to the People          Mark Wilson - FAA Investigator
     7pm News@7                        
2/21 Tuesday
    7am News@7 w/ Natural Health News
  Linda Mackenzie Show     Beth Darnell - Opoid Free Pain Relief
  Visionary Series             TODAY: Guy Finley Live!
  Maryanne Live!                Megan McFeely - As She Is
  11am   Doctor On Call                 Relationship skills boot camp
  12pm   Spiritual Awakening          Ascension of the Soul - 1
    1pm   Aspel On The Esplanade
  Steve & Friends
    6pm   Letting Go w/Guy Finley
   Your Role in Reconciling Heaven and Earth
    7pm News@7

2/22 Wednesday       
     7am News@7 w/ Sci-Tech News
     9am   Harmony Series            TODAY: Risa's Roundtable
  10am   Guiding Stars                   Rose Marcus - March Transits
   12pm   Marijuana State Report   
    1pm   The Sports Doctor           Dr. Donald MacDonald/Barby Ingle/Suzanne Grey
2pm   Feed the Kitty Power Hour Jack & Jed Do Music
   7pm News@7             
2/23 Thursday            
     7am News@7 w/Arts & Entertainment
9am   Growth Series                 TODAY: Perk Up!
   10am   Autism w/Dr. Andy  
   11am   Health Coach Donna        Stress!
   12pm   Strategies for Living          
     1pm   High Energy Health           Peta Stapleton - Energy Psychology for Young People
     2pm  Larry & Daena Do Vegas  
     7pm News@7        

2/24 Friday        
     7am News@7 w/Beach Talk
      9am   Renewal Series              TODAY: Thunderhawk Live!
   10am   Sharkies Pep Talk             Functional Integrative Medicine / Ayurveda
   12pm   Flashback Fridays          Michael Neill
     7pm News@7

2/24 Saturday       
     7am   Bobby Likis Car Clinic    Car Questions? Call 888-227-2546  
     9am   South Bay Saturdays       American Made Beauty w/Patty Schmucker
 South Bay Saturdays       Aspel On the Esplanade w/Steve Aspel
    11am  South Bay Saturdays       The Linda Mackenzie Show
    12pm  South Bay Saturdays       Powell to the People
      1pm  South Bay Saturdays       South Bay Beach Talk
      2pm  South Bay Saturdays       Backbeat Radio w/Jay Cruz
      3pm  South Bay Saturdays       Sharkie's Pep Talk w/Sharkie Zartman
      4pm  South Bay Saturdays       Perk Up! w/Kim O'Neill
      5pm  South Bay Saturdays       South Bay Lifestyles w/ Mandy Warchola
      6pm  South Bay Saturdays       Feed The Kitty w/Jed Mottley and Jack Maher