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Kindred Spirits
LIVE 9am PT, 12pm ET
4th Tues of Every Month
Lynn Andrews

Lynn V. Andrews is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author who has written 18 books published in 12 languages, a series of powerful meditation cards and over 20 meditation and teaching tapes. Her work is beloved by millions who have read her books over the several decades.

Considered a preeminent teacher in the field of personal development, Lynn Andrews is a 21st Century shaman whose words reflect her path - a path of heart. She teaches and shows people how to live a life that is truly balanced, with one foot in the physical and one in the spiritual.

Shamanic knowledge and practice is at the very heart of creation. Throughout time, shamans have practiced the art of choreographing energy in a nonlinear field. It is Lynn'sr intention that we understand how all that is sacred in life weaves together within our world.

For fifteen years, women and men from all over the world have gathered with Lynn for her annual Joshua Tree four-day retreat. In 1994, and thus The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (Mystery School) was created.

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Let Lynn show you the path of the heart and how to balance
your physical and spiritual worlds. Open up to your possibilities
as you explore the vastness and positive aspects of a powerful life.
9-10am PT, the 4th Tuesday of every month

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