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All About Healing
Wednesdays, 10 am PT, 1 pm ET

Emily A. Francis

Explore your next level of healing! Join Emily and her expert guests for a fun and entertaining exploration into different avenues of healing the body, mind, spirit and the energetic body. Enjoy Emily's Energy Corner. You'll receive energy tips, pertinent information and even answer to your email questions on air - so you can discover how to allow yourself to heal.

Emily was a corporate multi-discipline fitness instructor and High School PE teacher, yoga instructor who won a gold medal in the US Open for Tai Chi Form. Today she is a bodywork practitioner, corporate speaker and multibook author.

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10/27/2021    (Pending) Jude Bijou - Attitude Reconstruction

10/20/2021    (Pending) Sherianna Boyle - Emotional Detox Now

10/13/2021    (Pending) Peter Russell - Let Go of Nothing

10/06/2021   (Pending) Daniel McQueen Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate

09/29/2021    HL 0929

09/22/2021    Peter Russell - Let Go of Nothing

09/15/2021    Sandy Edwards - Spiritual Healing in Hospital Settings

09/08/2021    Don Joseph Goewey - DeMello Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

09/01/2021    Julia Hollenberry - The Healing Power of Pleasure

08/25/2021    Eileen Day McKusick - Tuning the Human Biofield

08/18/2021    Lee Adams - A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming

08/11/2021    Tom Blue Wolf - Native American Wisdom and Bee Keeping

08/4/2021     Tabitha A. Scott - Trust Your Animal Instincts














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