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The Autism Detectives
LIVE Tues., 10AM PT, 1PM ET

Patricia Lemer

This Detective delves into the causes of autism, not just the symptoms, to help you discover cutting edge information and alternatives.

Patricia Lemer, LPC is a Counselor who practiced as a educational diagnostician for over 40 years, and the author of 3 healing autism books. She was co-founder and Executive Director of Developmental Delay Resources (DDR), an international, non-profit organization for 20 years.

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12/28/2021    (Pending) Janice Polansky - Homeopathy and Alternative Treatments

12/14/2021    (Pending) Carrie Flick - A Mother's Journey into Autism

11/23/2021    Maria Eugenia Boza - The Power of Having a Voice

11/09/2021    An Integrative Approach to Individuals on the Spectrum

10/26/2021    Teresa Badillo - Lithium, H pylori and OCD in Autism

10/12/2021    Joye Newman - A Year of Mini Moves Calendar







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