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To help eliminate fear, advance positive thought and encourage the concept that
we are all one - here for the greater good of all.



CH&S (Creative Health & Spirit), parent company of Radio Network, is a Los Angeles, California based publishing & media company, commenced in 1995. CH&S focus is on truth, integrity and being morally, socially responsible and environmentally correct.

WHO & WHY WE ARE Radio Network, established in 2002, is one of the World's oldest 24/7 Internet 'All Positive Talk' radio networks. Our listeners always come first because you are the reason we exist. Everyone can use a little positive energy in their lives and HealthyLife.Net Radio believes positive programs can help point the way to a healthy, happy life and a better planet. All positive emotion and positive action comes from positive thought. However, most media outlets provide fear-based, sensationalistic programs that constantly assault us with negativity, both consciously and subconsciously, which keeps us in fear. Our informative programs are vetted and designed to give you facts in a peaceful way without sensationalism. We provide controversy only with possible answers and thus eliminate the fear factor from our media.


We are REAL RADIO ON THE WEB. Our 1- hour 168 weekly programs are always fresh and new. We follow a traditional talk radio format and have 3 month limited access to on-demand/download programs.

We have LIVE call-in programs and over 40 experienced radio, film, TV and national expert hosts. We span the topics you want to hear...Natural Health & Fitness; Lifestyle, Inspiration and Motivation; News, Business and Community; Society, Variety and Culture; Spirituality and Intuitive Arts.


On our website or on over 75 syndicated/simulcast distribution channels which includes streams on Internet radio stations and networks in the U.S., England and Europe; Radio Locator sites; Mobile, WiFi, In-Cars, Tablets, Smartphones, SmartTVs, Roku™, private radio stations for the blind, retail stores, prison systems - even alarm clocks! Our simulcast live stream, reaches 137 countries. Click to see our listener demographics.


In September 2001, realizing local radio stations and quality non-sensational information was becoming nonexistent, Linda Mackenzie planned and implemented in October, 2002, one of the first 'Live' all positive radio stations on the Internet - HealthyLife.Net. In a successful beta test, the radio network broadcasted over the Internet with Linda broadcasting 5 days a week.

In January 2003 other radio hosts jumped on board which culminated in 589,787 listeners for the year.

In April, 2004 HealthyLife.Net began 24/7 programming and the audience count grew by word of mouth alone to reach 2,399,633 in 49 countries. In 2004, the station also became an associate member of NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and HealthyLife.Net started pursuing syndication/simulcast venues.

In 2005, adding additional top of the line equipment and staff, HealthyLife.Net Radio Network continued to grow in program genres and hosts which reached web statistics of 8,522,455 listeners. Syndication on 2 other Internet Radio channels was put in place.

In 2006, HealthyLife.Net held its first Radio Network Host Expo in Los Angeles, California called 'Live In L.A.' for the express purpose of allowing listeners to get "up close and personal" with their favorite radio hosts which numbered over 45. HealthyLife.Net Radio was also picked up for syndication by Penguin Radio and continued to grow in audience size.

In 2007, HealthyLife.Net Radio continued to grow to reach an audience in 104 countries. It was also syndicated on 6 additional simulcasting companies, including private radio networks, WiFi, PDAs, and Smartphone access, as well as the Internet. HealthyLife.Net Radio Network also opened a Listener Cyberspace Clubhouse to add diversity to the site and gather actual listener demographic information. We also added social media for Google Groups and My Space.

In 2008, HealthyLife.Net continued with its syndication path and was picked up as a content provider for the Microsoft radio network's (MSN), Radio Tuner which comes standard on every Internet Explorer in the world. HealthyLife.Net radio also syndicated to other simulcasting companies, making a grand total of 15 companies that provided 24/7 access to HealthyLife.Net Radio Network's positive programs. HealthyLife.Net reach grew to a worldwide audience to108 countries and reaches to over 1,240 cities in all 50 U.S. states in America. Facebook social media was added..

In 2009, was syndicated/simulcast 24/7 on over 26 channels of distribution, including Mobile. We also started podcast downloads for our listeners, added better functionality for MAC Users, started a blog and added Twitter to our social media mix. To get 'up close & personal' with our listeners we added host videos to our site, participated in many consumer trade shows and contributed to silent auctions. To increase our social responsibility we added a "Give Back" program to positive childrens organizations like The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland and Write On! For Literacy. To promote environmental awareness we started a 'Green Series' to give people ecology and environmental tips and tools.

In 2010, HealthyLife.Net started the 1st positive weekday News broadcast providing news straight up without fear, propaganda or politics; increased its syndication to 52 channels of distribution including cars, ipods and even an alarm clock radio tuner; added sharing and bookmarking of its pertinent web pages; started the traditional radio syndicated Talkers 250 -Bobby Likis Car Clinic radio show; provided individual host archive shows in addition to onsite on-demand listening as a free RSS feed, Podcast, ITunes format and .mp3 download.

In 2011, decided to give back to its local community and provide local programming on South Bay Saturdays; expanded its show archive free download capability to include Ipod format; increased its syndication to 58 channels of distribution and included a smartphones/Tablets app through

In 2012, celebrated its 10 year anniversary by inaugurating remote community broadcasts and coverage of Hollywood, film, TV and music red carpet events.

In 2013, expanded to over 60 distribution channels and expanded coverage to 128 countries.

In 2014, added distribution on Roku and SmartTVs, implemented outside billboard display ads in the Big Easy and Las Vegas, plus started a satellite broadcast location in Las Vega, Nevada.

In 2015, added 'NO APP LISTENING' our home page for internet, smartphones, tablets, wifi and almost all other devices. added distribution access through Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Apple Watch and Xbox. HRN News@7 started the industry first Marijuana State Report News Segment and chose to pick up the gauntlet and report 'the other side' of HEALTH FREEDOM OF CHOICE ISSUES that were being ignored or not being covered on major traditional media outlets.

In 2016, added two more simulcast distributor channels, Responsive Website Design and to keep the public informed - Daily Scam Alerts from the FTC and FBI on HRN News@7.

In 2017, added three more syndicated/simulcast distributor channels, added audience to 3 additional countries, started Beach Talk, a local South Bay news program and responding to the fake news propaganda and shift in national network news content, HRN News@7 expanded editorial content and coverage to fact based information based in truth and integrity.

In 2018, added two more syndicated/simulcast distributor channels.

In 2019, added one more syndicated/simulcast distributor channels. To combat censorship of Natural Health news on Social Media and Search Engines added Natural Health News Segment covering, latest worldwide health news, latest research food and drug recalls, industry news and timeless self-care natural health information. Plus Links Page has the most popular and necessary natural health website listings to provide a base of information for their listeners.

In 2020, started out the year being awarded England's Health, Beauty & Wellness Award for 'The Most Positive Natural Health Radio Broadcast - Western US' and Founder Linda Mackenzie Received 2020 Best of Manhattan Beach Arts & Entertainment Award. HRN, the first all positive subscription podcast network was launched to help people in the pandemic.

In 2021, became a beacon representing natural health and health freedom by expanding HRNnews@7 to include pandemic health reporting and Rants and Raves opinion segments. To aid the world in fighting suppression of information, speech and human rights Make It Legal and Health Freedom Now radio shows were added. supplemented 'live' listening with a new alternate streaming provider and back up system to make sure listeners receive broadcasts now in two ways in case service went down. HRN, our subscription podcast network, also added over 500 more podcasts to its lineup

In 2022, celebrated its 20 year anniversary with a remote broadcast and additional 20th anniversary and 'in memoriam' host videos on our You Tube Channel, as well as, doing a special 'Positive Solutions for Challenging Times' video series with hosts to help effect positive change in the aftermath of the pandemic. continued our health freedom of choice news segments and increased listenership to 1.9 - 2.6 million listeners a month. also added 10 more Distribition channels which now totals 75 and allows to stream in more places in the U.S. and around the world..