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Richard Cohn
Randy Kritkausky
Dr. Ron Dalrymple
Dave Nassaney Faust Ruggiero Joffre McClung
Patricia Lemer Hapi Hara Mike Austin
Dr. Marilyn Singleton, JD Alisha Das Vicki Dobbs Vivien Schapera Michael Hayes JohnDennis Govert
Ran D. Anbar, MD Dr. Donna Marks Barbara Starflower Carl Walsh Dave Behar
Tracee Dunblazier Dr. Joan Irvine Charis and Steve Darryl Gaines    

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Dr Joseph Mercola Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Non GMO Project
Dr. Axe American Botanical Council (ABC) Green Med Info
Bernie Seigel, MD American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Friends of Animals
Dr. Andrew Weil Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
Susun Weed American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) National Health Federation
Julian Whittaker, MD Center For Food Safety (CFS) Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Dean Ornish, MD Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute Humane Farming Association
Dr. Norm Shealy Natural Products Associtaion (NPA) Citizens For Health
Rosemary Gladstar Council For Responsible Nutrition Children's Health Defense
Stephen Sinatra, MD National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Cancer Control Society
Dr.Will Cole Int'l Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Hope For Cancer
Dr. Edward Group III Organic and Natural Health Alliance Gerson Institute
Dr. Roberto Tostado Environmental Working Group Natural Health Magazine
  Organic Trade Association (OTA) Whole Life Times
  Alliance For Natural Health Alternative Medicine Magazine
  The Preventive Dental Health Association Mother Jones Newspaper
  Int'l Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Alternatives For Healing
  Institue for Responsible Technology GMO Research Database
  America's Frontline Doctors (AFLD) U.S. Right To Know (USRTK)
  California Parents United  
Find Healthy Organic Local Farms and Food Sources
EatWild The Cornucopia Institute Eat Well Guide
FoodRoutes Weston A Price Foundation
Local Harvest Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture Farmers Markets
Farm Match American Grassfed Association Demeter
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MSIA Alternative Medicine Inspirational Quotes Earth Channel self growth Cerebral Palsy Symptoms Daily Om New Radio Star
The Vision Quest living now SuccessConsciousness TV Radio World
inner faith well being journal help heal past lives The Colon Zone The Option Institute common ground
Light Gatherings Breast Implant Awareness Going Organic   New England Young At Heart
  Drug Dangers
  Colloidal Silver Products
  Silver to Purify Water
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