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Welcome to our HealthyLife.net Radio Newsletter
It's fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. All our shows are vetted to assure you that we have the most positive hosts on the planet.

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Pamela Hayes

Real Estate Made Simple w/Pamela Hayes
1st Friday Every Month 9am PT, 12pm ET

Buying or selling a home can be a confusing business. REAL ESTATE MADE SIMPLE will give you the tips and tricks to demystify the process.

Pamela Hayes is a licensed Broker and owner of a boutique real estate brokerage firm called Kanso Realty in the South Bay.



Stacey Crew
Practical Mindset
3rd Mon, 9am PT, 12pm ET

Who Is Stacey Crew?

STACEY CREW is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She helps individuals achieve improved nutrition & balance by providing a supportive environment to achieve goals and live a more fulfilling life. Stacey is the bestselling author of The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time. Her latest book, Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle was released on December 1, 2021.

Stacey started her journey to decluttering & organizing in the early 2000s after being married for more than five years, moving four times, owning three homes, birthing two children, and caring for one dog.

One day while passing some time at a local department store with her two children after school, Stacey picked up a book off of a table that contained accessories and other tchotchkes - it was a book called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. It was a short book and priced just right. Little did she know that this book would change her life. That afternoon, she read the entire book in one sitting, then began pushing stuff out into the two-car garage in order to create a home that reflected her newfound knowledge and a clearer life purpose.

In 2012, after experiencing long-term anxiety, Stacey began running to help ease the anxious feelings - it helped her. Around the same time, her two then-teenage daughters both became vegetarian within six months of one another. Needing to improve her own nutrition in addition to making sure her daughters received proper nutrition, together the family began exploring healthier food options. A few years later, Stacey decided to pursue a certification in health coaching after discovering that many of the food option available was full of chemicals and inflammation-causing ingredients.

In 2016, Stacey completed a one-year certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Her overall mission is to teach people how to make mindful choices & eat simple healthy meals in an organized kitchen.

Stacey's Website: www.staceycrew.com

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Stay out of Places that Steal Your Happiness
by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of  "Letting Go"
Tuesdays, 6pm PT

In any moment you find yourself stressed, tense, worried, or depressed- whenever you find yourself in a negative state, thinking about what you wish weren't happening only serves to add mass to your misery.

Don't think about what you must do to break free. Instead come back to yourself, see that you are in the wrong place and don't go there.

You may at any moment you wish become aware of yourself sufficiently enough to know where you are inwardly. When you find yourself living a resentment or regret over and over again, all you have to do is see that you're surrounded by thoughts and feelings that were produced by your resistance to a remembered event. That's all you have to do. Don't try to fix your pain.

Who made you remember what you you wish hadn't happened to you? Who made the picture of the person you resent? Who brought up the failure of your past? Who did that in any moment you're sitting by yourself, driving your car or taking a walk? Who is talking to you?

The answer is something inside of you that is always trying to drag you into a place where it assumes power over you. That's who! And it's not a who, it's a what. It's not a you.

Don't judge yourself! Don't condemn yourself for these parts that belong to an aspect of a still unconscious nature. Your aim is to make it conscious. To bring this light into yourself so thoroughly that what now acts upon you will be unable to produce the punishment it does because it gets you into the world where nothing good can happen because you have gone into the wrong place.

Just don't go there.

The problem is when we get into pain, our pain immediately gives us the reasons why we are there. The reasons for being in pain are the wrong place to be. Thinking about our reasons for why we're unhappy is the wrong place to be. it's part of our unhappiness; not the solution to it.

We have the capacity to stop making ourselves powerless by waking up to having put ourselves where our powers are stolen from us. We each have ample opportunities every day to come wide-awake, realize we're being dragged down and say "Hold on a minute. This isn't a good place for me to be."

Then we can step out of that world of time which is what thought is. We can step out of that world of tribulation into the now, because the presence moment is the essence of all that makes a human being whole, healthy and happy. It is where love exists, and where fear cannot dwell.

Guy Finley is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling self-help author. He is the Founder and Director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for transcendent self-study located in Merlin, Oregon. He also hosts the Foundation's Wisdom School - an on-line self-discovery program for seekers of higher self-knowledge. He is the best-selling author of The Secret of Letting Go and 45 other books and audio programs that have sold over 2 million copies, in 26 languages, worldwide. Guy's latest book Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together applies decades of spiritual wisdom to practical relationship challenges, transforming any relationship from mundane to magical! www.guyfinley.org


David Nassaney
5 Years on HealthyLife.net

Caregiver Dave
3rd Mon, 2pm PT

The stories, tips, resources and knowledge you need to navigate the path of caregiving, without burnout.



Dominate that 'Law of Attraction' Yet?
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

What pompous, egotistical creatures we are becoming. We are exposed to one Law of the Universe, "Like Attracts Like," and think we can use this ONE Law to create and control everything around us…to bring in abundance, create a great life, find our soul mate, stop every illness, etc., etc., etc.

"Like Attracts Like" is a powerful law of the Universe and it has weight in helping us to manifest what we want, BUT it is not the "Be all, End all" trick to creation. There are other universal laws and other energy fields that comprise creation too.

Again… and again… and yet again, this species of Man always wants to control, change, manipulate and have power over things. We mask it by saying we are trying to understand the Universe, we're learning about the world around us, it's part of our growth to spirituality…or perhaps, just perhaps, it masks an even deeper fear - that we are NOT EVER going to be totally in control of everything and we can't avoid death and the unknown.

It is completely absurd to think that we are not part of a greater scheme of things. We are all intricately connected as a collective whole. This is based upon another Universal Law know as the "Law of Oneness" a.k.a. the "Law of Unification." Since we are all intertwined as one - that means there are many things, on many levels, that affect how we look, think, and feel. It also means that all these collective energy fields DO have an affect on what we can truly manifest.

We are individual spirit essences combined together, yet each one unique. Every thing vibrating in its own frequency (another Universal Law called the "Law of Vibration.") where we each bring something special to the existence of us all AND all energies collectively affect each other. So it makes more sense that the more energy and laws we can master, adhere to and combine, the better our chance for manifesting what we want. However there are 11 Universal Laws and 22 sub-laws that I've discovered in my life time and I'm sure there are more. Whew! What a task to manifest just one thing!

What if instead of trying to manifest things for our ego, that we "Just Be" and live positively in the moment letting God direct, wait for the synchronicity of the moment, and then take action. This seems a lot easier to me than wasting energy trying to create something for just the ME.

Let's stop and think for a moment …What if everything - JUST IS. What if you went through life living in the moment just being happy, joyful and grateful to exist in this Moment? Acting only when everything is in synchronicity in that moment. Wouldn't this bring you freedom? Couldn't this add more joy to your life? Just the time you save from fretting about the past and worrying about the future and trying to get what you want would give you more time to enjoy the life that is.

Now let's take this a step further…what if in every moment you were exactly in the right place where you are meant to be? Imagine that no matter where you are or what you are doing or even how you are feeling, you are always provided for and taken care of - NO MATTER WHAT. How's that for a joyful thought! Rather freeing isn't it. That should take away your worry, which is a truly wasted form of emotion AND energy that provides no other outcome than to keep you stuck. How do you manifest belief in this - develop complete trust in what you call God - and just enjoy the ride of life.


This information is intended for general information purposes only. Individuals with health problems should always seek their natural health care provider before administrating suggestions made above. Application of above methods is at the user's discretion and is totally their responsibility.

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An angel is a "pure and divine spirit", a "messenger", a "ministering or guiding spirit" and according to scriptures employed by God. Angels are prevelant in many religions and angels bring us comfort and hope. Here are the three Hierarchies and nine choirs of Angels:

Hierarchy 1
Choir 1
Spirits of Love
& Positive Universe

Michael Kemeul Jehoel
Seraphiel Metatron Uriel

Residence: Closest to God

Choir 2
Spirits of Harmony
& Wisdom of God

Gabriel Raphael Zophiel
Cherubiel Ophaniel

Residence: Fixed Stars

Choir 3
Spirits of Will & Justice

Orifiel Japhakiel Raziel
Baradiel Zaphkiel

Residence: Saturn

Hierarchy 2
Choir 1
Spirits of Wisdom
& Intuition

Zadkiel Hasamael
Muriel Zacharel

Residence: Jupiter

Choir 2
Spirits of Choice
& Movement

Uzziel Haniel Michael
Babiel Peuel Gabriel

Residence: Mars

Choir 3
Spirits of Form & Space

Raphael Camael Verchiel


Residence: Sun

Hierarchy 3
Choir 1
Spirits of Time
& Personality

Uriel Anael Michael
Raguel Raphael Gabriel

Residence: Venus

Choir 2
Spirits of Fire
& Ruling Angels

Michael Raphael Remiell
Uriel Gabriel Raguel

Residence: Mercury

Choir 3
Spirits of Nature
& Messengers

Multitudes of Angels that are intermediaries between God & Humans

Residence: Moon

Guardian Spirits

Everyone (and some believe every thing) has
their own personal angel (or angels) assigned
at birth for their protection and guidance.

Residence: Near the Living Body In Life

This is an excerpt from the Linda Mackenzie's NEW book: SYMBOLS OF YOU. To order - click the link

The HealthyLife.net Recipe of the Month

Poached Salmon

Cooking Time: 10-20 minutes, 1-large skillet

4 1 inch thick salmon steaks
1/3 cup lemon juice
2/3 cup water
1 tablespoon white or apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon dill weed

In a large skillet over medium heat place lemon juice, water, vinegar and dill weed.
Add salmon in a single layer. Cover and poach for 7 minutes or until salmon is a milky color.
Remove fish and keep warm. In skillet, reserve poaching liquid in for Salmon Sauce below.

Salmon Sauce:
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 tespoon dill weed
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 eggs, room temperature

With skillet on medium heat add butter, dill weed and lemon juice to poaching liquid.
In a separate bowl whisk the eggs until light and foamy.
Gradually add, 1 tablespoon at a time, a small amount of poaching liquid to the eggs whisking constantly.
Add and whisk in the egg mixture to the rest of poaching liquid in skillet and cook 1 minute over low heat, stirring constantly.
Pour over salmon and serve.

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