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Dr. Ran Anbar
Center Point
Wednesdays, 11am PT, 2pm ET

Who Is Dr. Ran Anbar?

Ran D. Anbar, MD, FAAP, is board certified in both pediatric pulmonology and general pediatrics, offering hypnosis and counseling services at Center Point Medicine in La Jolla, California, and Syracuse, New York. Dr. Anbar is also a fellow and approved consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Anbar is a leader in clinical hypnosis, and his 20 years of experience have allowed him to successfully treat over 5,000 children. He also served as a professor of pediatrics and medicine and the director of pediatric pulmonology at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, for 21 years.

Dr. Anbar also worked as a guest editor and advisory editor for the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. His experience has offered him the opportunity to direct and co-direct more than 20 clinic workshops on the subject of pediatric hypnosis. Additionally, he has trained more than a thousand healthcare providers and lectured all over the world.

In addition to his teaching and lecturing experiences, Dr. Anbar has been the principal investigator in 10 published case studies of pediatric hypnosis and involved in research trials of children with cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary disorders. He is a published author of more than 50 articles, abstracts, and book chapters on pediatric functional disorders and pediatric hypnosis.

Graduating from the University of California-San Diego with undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology, Dr. Anbar earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He completed his pediatric residency and pediatric pulmonary fellowship training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Dr. Anbar received training in hypnosis from the Society of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Ran Anbar's Website: www.centerpointmedicine.com

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Turn Your Fuming into Freedom
by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of  "Letting Go"
Tuesdays, 6pm PT

How many of us spend our precious time and energy fuming over what others may have done to us? Unseen in the steam of our heated emotions and churning thoughts is the one inescapable fact that we are the secret prisoner of anyone we wish to punish. And the more we would punish this person, the less freedom we have to be at peace with ourselves.
Here's a beautiful lesson in invisible justice, followed by an explanation that will help you let go of any revenge-filled, self-tangling thought. We need never concern ourselves with whether or not some wrongdoer will get his just due. Here's why: any person who does wrong to another is already punished. More correctly stated, anyone who acts unjustly in life instantaneously ensures that he or she will be corrected by the celestial laws that govern all such trespasses. It doesn't matter one bit that you or I don't see this law enacted to our satisfaction. The fact remains: an invisible justice system already exists. This means we need never judge anyone, nor wish some sentence of suffering upon him or her. This understanding is a gift of great freedom known only by the true few. And we can count ourselves among these liberated ones if we are willing to learn what we must.

If we look deeper into the heart of our new discoveries, we will find within them the promise of this welcome relief: We are forever relieved of the conflict and misery of wanting to penalize those who may have caused us pain. We can let go of all forms of lashing out at others because we see the truth of how things actually work. Getting wrongly caught up in the conflict of wanting to fix the bad behavior of someone else only opens the door and invites other problems and pain into our own life!

Now we can leave these people alone to their own trials and torment, for we have seen that their negative nature is one and the same as their punishment; and further we have seen that whatever weight we would try to add on to their backs only falls onto our own. To act from this higher self-awareness not only helps free us from the initial pain born of a negative reaction to what others have done to us, but it also keeps us from wrongly investing ourselves in trying to correct what is already in the throes of being corrected! And once we stop locking ourselves up with wasted judgments and their attendant, never-ending worries, we find that not only are we free, but that there's no power in the universe capable of holding us captive again.

Guy Finley is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling self-help author. He is the Founder and Director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for transcendent self-study located in Merlin, Oregon. He also hosts the Foundation's Wisdom School - an on-line self-discovery program for seekers of higher self-knowledge. He is the best-selling author of The Secret of Letting Go and 45 other books and audio programs that have sold over 2 million copies, in 26 languages, worldwide. Guy's latest book Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together applies decades of spiritual wisdom to practical relationship challenges, transforming any relationship from mundane to magical! www.guyfinley.org


James Bean
17 Years on HealthyLife.net

Spiritual Awakening
Tuesdays, 12pm PT

Contemplate the Wisdom of the Masters and the diversity of world religions and spiritual paths through spiritual classic books, scriptures, sacred text and music. James brings you years of experience as a radio host.


Linda Mackenzie, C.ht. P.h.D. (c)

Over 100 million Americans suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or sports injury to the bone and joints. Supporting bone and joint health is the best defense against pain, long term problems and injury and here's why!

There are 100 rheumatic diseases that may be diagnosed as arthritis. True Arthritis comes in two forms osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

Joint immobility
Inflammation or enlargement of the joints

Environmental factors
Food allergies
Fungal, viral or bacterial infection
Diet or eating processed foods

Osteoporosis, although associated with menopause is not a symptom of menopause. It can happen to men too! A progressive disease, osteoporosis causes weakness in the bone structure which brings a higher risk to getting bone fractures.

Nutrient Deficiency of calcium, vitamin D, boron, silicon, manganese, zinc, and copper
Poor diet
Excessive caffeine
Long term use of corticosteroids, anticoagulant or anti-seizure medications
Lack of exercise
Kidney, liver, thyroid and endocrine disease.

Sports injury can occur from any sport that is played continually over a long period time or from an accident. From tiddly winks to football repetitive motion can put a strain on tendons, muscles, bones and joints.

By protecting your bone & joint health you may be able to prevent, minimize or reduce healing time of bone & joint problems. Normal bone health depends on heredity, nutritional, lifestyle and hormonal, liver and kidney functional activity.

• Physical exercise usually increases bone growth; lack of exercise leads to bone loss. Weight training exercises for 30-60minutes, 3-4 times a week is best. Try Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and walking.

• Foods to avoid or limit: sugar, caffeine, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives, processed foods, processed meats and fast foods. For arthritis also eliminate or limit intake of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms

• Limit red meat to 3 times a week

• Eat right with a high fiber, mostly vegetarian diet with lots of green, leafy vegetables

• Reduce or eliminate alcohol because it promotes bone loss

• Try helpful herbs like boswellia, yucca, willow bark, devils claw, ginger, tumeric, basil, dandelion, parsley, cumin, oat straw, stinging nettle and black cohash.

• Use aromatherapy oils like rose, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, rosemary and benzoin.
Stop smoking; smokers have lower bone mass.

• Wear proper shoes and use proper equipment when playing sports.

• Try homeopathy for bones and joints.

• Use dietary supplements such as: A good multi-vitamin; Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fish oil, coenzyme Q10, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, boron, silicon, manganese, zinc, copper, MSM, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin and green foods like spirulina, chlorella or blue green algae.

This information is intended for general information purposes only. Individuals with health problems should always seek their natural health care provider before administrating suggestions made above. Application of above methods is at the user's discretion and is totally their responsibility.

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In Auras are atmospheres of energy that arise and surround the body. This auric field, or magnetic forcefield, around the body is constantly changing. The mind-body-spirit of an individual is reflected in the aura. Auras can show everything that a person was, is, or will be. Impressions, feelings, thoughts, words. and actions are registered in a person's aura. Auras present themselves in colors. These colors vary and are constantly changing.

Body Base Energy Qualities Hue Qualities Sound Feeling Phrase
1st-Physical Experience, Sensation Physical Matter Physical Body Normal Sounds Consciousness I Exist
2nd - Etheric Karma, Love, Astrological Physical Sensation Pale Shining Blue Keen Hearing Deeper Physical Experience I Respond
3rd - Mental Rational Thought, Mental Process Partitioned Planes Yellow Light Rhythmic Beat Logical Unattached Experiences I Think
4th -
Desire, Emotional Thought, Out of Body Timeless, Sensitivity, Change Red, Opaque Multicolors None Emotional Experience, Unity With Another I Blend
5th - Higher Mind Responsibility, Divine Will, Holy Spirit, Universal Consciouness Thought Focusing, Action Of Thought Cobalt Blue, Azure, Purple Voice Within Awareness, Strength, Higher Force Connection I Will
6th - Casual Wisdom, Higher Self, Universal Love Peace, Security Prismatic Pastels with gold and white light,Pink,Electric Blue, White White Noise Spiritual Ecstasy I Know
7th - Ketheric Body-Soul Merge, Higher Mind, Spiritual Strength Energy Source Gold Humming Peace and Security I Am

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The HealthyLife.net Recipe of the Month

Angel Food Cake
(Wheat, Lactose and Refined Sugar Free)

Oven Temperature: 375° F
Baking Time: 35-40 min., 1-10" tube pan

1 cups gluten free flour
1/2 teaspoons of xantham gum
12 large egg whites (room temperature)
1 cup maple syrup
1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon almond extract

Sift together flour blend and xantham gum. Using an electric mixer at high speed beat egg whites, cream of tartar salt, vanilla and almond extract until stiff and forms soft glossy peaks. Continue beating as you slowly add maple syrup, 2 tablespoons at a time, beating after each addition. Sift 1/4 flour mixture over egg white mixture. Fold in remaining flour mixture by fourths in a down-up-over motion. Pour batter into ungreased tube pan. With knife gently cut through batter to break any large air bubbles then bake at 375° F. Bake 35-40 minutes.

Cool in inverted tube pans about 1 hour. Loosen sides and center with a knife, then invert cake to release from pan. Eat plain, use a dessert sauce or frost with your favorite icing.

HINT: Angel Food Cakes are leavened just with air, so how you beat the eggs, the lightness in which you fold in the ingredients and the baking temperature are very important to the outcome of the cake.

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