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Quantum Jump

Dr. Rod Fuentes

Take a journey into your well being as Dr. Rod Fuentes and his mind-opening guests helps transform you to a more fulfilling life. You'll also find out how to attract and use more positive personal and spiritual energy into your life.

For over 30 years Dr. Rod Fuentes researched, studied and practiced the most powerful systems of personal development, coaching, and psychology of change. He became the first Rod became the #1 on NLP, Hypnotherapy and "Deep Coaching" and is the 1st Master Hypnotists (doctor in Hypnosis) in Latin America, as well as, one of the few in the world. He is an author, lecturer and former president of the IAC Santiago de Chile chapter. Dr. Rod has as helped thousands in therapy and counseling.

About Dr. Rod Fuentes

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05/28/2021    (Pending)

05/21/2021    (Pending)

05/14/2021    (Pending)

05/07/2021    (Pending) Introduction to Quantum Jump

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