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Remedy Pharm Health
Thursdays, 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET

w/Aamina Mirza Shah

Pharmacist In Charge! Listen to Pharmacist Aamina and her natural health professional guests as they discuss holistic approaches to healing and discover why treating the whole body, mind helps you find and treat the underlying causes of disease instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Aamina Mirza Shah earned her PharmD, MBA from Rutgers University. She is a Certified Hormone Specialist and the Pharmacist In Charge at The Remedy Pharm.

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06/24/2021    (Pending) Kac Young, PhD - Crystals, Essential Oils & Healing

06/17/2021    (Pending) Susan MacShara-Semelka - Alternatives for Autoimmune diseases

06/10/2021    Melanie Barnum - Intuition at Work

06/03/2021    Vir McCoy - Liberating Yourself from Lyme

05/27/2021    Raven Keyes - Medical Reiki

05/20/2021    Susan MacShara-Semelka - The Leap Protocol Detox

05/13/2021    Dr. Heidi Weinhold, ND - Digestive Issues

05/06/2021    Julian Reeve - Self-Help for the Young Perfectionist

04/29/2021    Anisha Anand - Essential Oils 101

04/22/2021    Dr. Alison McAllister, ND - Why ZRT Hormone Tests?

04/15/2021    Laura Khoudari - Healing Trauma One Rep At a Time

04/08/2021    Dr. Sulman Mirza,MD - Psychiatry in COVID times

04/01/2021    Nisha Bhakta Dugal - Education in COVID times













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