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Randi Maggid Show
2pm PT, 5pm ET
1st Tuesday Every Month

Randi Maggid

Positive Transformation! Tune into Randi and her inspiring guests to discover how people transformed their lives to the extraordinary; created happiness with purpose by shedding social conditioning and how they stepped outside the box to make a difference in the world.

Randi Maggid is a Shaman, certified Breathwork Healer, Author of Beverly Hills Concentration Camp and a mom!

About Randi

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10/06/2020    Hope Witkowsky - Benefits of Volunteering

09/01/2020    Herman Olivera III - Bee Medicine

08/04/2020    David Elliott - Healing and Thriving Now

07/07/2020     Itzhak Berry - Shamanic Healing

06/02/2020     Jenny Barker - Let's Bloom

05/05/2020     Linda Mackenzie - Realm of the Psychic

04/07/2020     Juliet Huck - The Equation of Persuasion

03/03/2020    Abbe Kanter/Michael Jaye - Tyrants in Therapy

02/04/2020    Ann Faison - Drawing on Grief

01/07/2020    Holly Mandel - Good Girls Aren't Funny


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