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Welcome to our HealthyLife.net Radio Newsletter
It's always fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. We make sure to have the most positive hosts on the planet for your positive listening pleasure.

includes new opinion feature 'Rants and Raves'

Monday - Friday 7am, 7pm PT

Our COVID-19 message: We are working to provide you the uncensored NATURAL health news and positive self care programs to stay informed, positive, entertained and healthy. Together we're strong - so be fearless! - The HealthyLife.net Team


Royce Morales


Listen Up w/ Royce Morales
4th Monday every month 9am PT, 12pm ET

Let Royce and her guests transform you to find and manifest your divine purpose as you are inspired by stories of how they trusted their intuition and are now transforming the world. Royce Morales is the former owner of the environmentally friendly art gallery and gift shop Harmony Works. She is a transformational facilitator, freelance writer and author



Joffre McClung

Spiritual CommonSense!
1st Mon. Each month 2 p.m. PT

Who Is Joffre McClung?

Joffre McClung is Spiritual/Personal Growth Author and Teacher, an Inspirational Blogger, Self-love Advocate, and an Independent Filmmaker. Joffre began her career as a theatre actress in New York City where she spent most of her adult life. Being someone one “who never waited for permission to do anything,” she quickly put on her producing hat when auditioning was taking a back seat to performing and mounted several Off-Broadway productions, in which she acted as well produced.

After a short film she was the lead actress in, and co-produced as well, won the Grand Prize and Best Actress Award in the Lille, France’s Festival Du Court De Villeurbanne, she switched her focus to film. An avid student of spiritual literature and techniques since the early 1980’s, Joffre taught herself filmmaking and formed Sweet Moon Pictures Production Company back in the 1990’s. She wrote, produced, and directed two independent films with spiritual themes or undertones: Out of the Blue (1995) and Best Wishes (2002; winner of the “Spirit of the West Award”). Before moving back to Texas to care for her dying mother, she worked as a senior producer and director for a media broadcast production company in New York City for over fifteen years.

Uprooting her life in New York City to return to Texas to help her mother deal with terminal cancer was an intense experience, but Joffre did the only thing she knew to do and used her personal experiences as a tool for spiritual growth. Immediately after her mother’s passing, Joffre found out that her life -long best friend Rob was also diagnosed with cancer. Instead of allowing these back-to-back tragedies to destroy her emotionally, Joffre went inward to find the strength and techniques that would help her heal emotionally, and find the lessons in these painful experiences that would not only allow her to go on with her life but to make the most of it. She did not know at the time how these experiences would change the direction of her life.

Joffre, who had only shared her spirituality through her fiction films, was compelled to write her first non-fiction book, HOW LEARNING TO SAY GOODBYE TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE/Balboa Press, as her friend was nearing the end of her life. Starting out as a journal, it quickly became an inspirational memoir of finding the strengths in the lessons and gifts available during times of loss and grief. The experience of sharing her personal spiritual path with others was so fulfilling that she could no longer deny that her life was taking a new direction even though it was one she would not have fathomed just two years earlier. Joffre’s new book, THE HEART OF THE MATTER (A Spiritual Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-love)/ Balboa Press, was born out of the work she did within to heal her wounds and beliefs of the past and move successfully into self-love. She is now devoted to helping others on the spiritual path.

Joffre's Website: https://www.joffremcclung.com/

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How Self-Command Gives Rise to Compassion

by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of  "Letting Go"
Tuesdays, 6pm PT

Even though we all know the harm it does to lash out at others, to launch an angry attack or act with cruel intent, we still tend to do these things anyway. The following insights help make clear why this happens to us and how we are made, in effect, to act against ourselves and others without really knowing why.

Whenever we are threatened in some way, our tendency is to go into an "auto-respond" mode of behavior; certain habitual reactions rise up and effectively "take over" our thoughts and feelings. So, in a manner of speaking, it isn't really our true Self that meets these unwanted events. If we take a step back and quietly observe ourselves through impartial eyes, here's what we'll see is actually happening within us: We are being told how we feel, what to do, even who we should be by what we're being given to remember in these moments.

Whenever we act cruelly toward another, it's because something cruel "takes over and handles" the moment for us by doing what it remembers to do. In a manner of speaking, a state of cruelty imposes its rules on us, and makes of us what it will in the next moment. Much to our regret, we don't remember that any better solution exists until we have to deal with the grief that follows from having forfeited our freedom.

What's the solution to this kind of forgetfulness? First, without judging ourselves, we must acknowledge the truth of our present (psychological) situation; facts never lie. We are reacting to life's challenges from unconscious parts of ourselves that literally hand us a script and then direct us to play out a painful role. We are not meant to live like this-as real-time prisoners of our own pasts, captives of conditioning that serves nothing but its own continuity. Within us, awaiting our awakening to it, lives a level of Self that cannot forget what is right, bright, and true, any more than the sun can forget to shine each day.

Living within us dwells an order of being that knows, without thinking about it, what is authentically good for us and others. The problem isn't that this higher level of being-with its natural, calm command-is actually missing just when we need it most. The real problem is that we forget it! We forget that it's our right to remember what we want to remember, instead of what we are being given to remember!

A higher spiritual choice exists in each and every moment-if we choose to be present to it. We do not need to think in order to know the right thing to do in the moment for ourselves, or for others! The awareness of our living relationship with the present moment-our willingness to consciously practice its presence-empowers us to know what's best for us without having to think about it.

This level of awareness sees what is real and what is not. Its power to command challenging moments derives from its complete innocence. Higher consciousness doesn't "try" to control events or other people, because its timeless nature is already a partner in guiding creation itself, so what has it to fear? And the more we place ourselves in the presence of this indwelling light, the more we will see small miracles take place before our very eyes. Quiet command over all that unfolds becomes as effortless for us as it is for the spreading light of dawn to chase away morning shadows.

When we are in command of our life, conflicts of one nature or another may appear, but we can no longer be tricked into compromising ourselves by mistaking, for instance, resentment or anger for real strength, or brash arrogance for quiet confidence. When we're in command of ourselves, we don't say cruel things to others.

Remember… in spite of the highly polished performances to make you believe otherwise -- everyone you meet suffers in much the same way as you do. No one wants others to know the weight of their unspoken pain. And yet, all are burdened with broken dreams, shattered hearts, and whatever other sorrow walks with them through their day.

Have the courage to act on this knowledge: Refuse to ever again add to the pain of another, even a small measure of your own. Whatever suffering you agree to shoulder in this way not only helps to lighten the load of those in need, but also serves to awaken within you the strength you need to be a real "friend in deed." Your reward: the birth of a whole new kind of compassion that not only flowers when faced with the weakness of others, but whose fragrance helps heal all those who are touched by it.

Guy Finley is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling self-help author. He is the Founder and Director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for transcendent self-study located in Merlin, Oregon. He also hosts the Foundation's Wisdom School - an online self-discovery program for seekers of higher self-knowledge. Guy livestreams two free talks a week. Each talk is followed by an open Q&A session. To register visit www.guyfinley.org/online.


Zoe Moon
6 Years on HealthyLife.net


3rd Friday every month, 9 a.m. PT

Zoe brings a unique perspective on the energy of the cosmos. Zoe, a highly sought after astrologer to the entertainment industry, now gives you a chance to hear the major astrological events coming up in the month ahead. She'll talk you through what your sign can expect so you can plan for the best!

Zoe, an astrologer, author and columnist was a singer/songwriter, signed to independent labels, BMG and Arista Records. She was also a reality show personality and co-owner of a film company.

Zoe writes astrology columns for a variety of magazines and websites and offers private consultations

Selecting A Psychic
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c)

There are lots of people who claim to be psychic. Look at all the psychic phone lines and ads in magazines, newspapers and on television. Some of these people have true psychic ability; others are intuitive and are developing their abilities; and still others have little or no ability at all.

In fact there are so many different kinds of psychics, who are on so many different levels, that it makes it hard to select one. There are scientific tests for psychic ability yet there is still no concrete scientific standard to measure these abilities. And just because someone has psychic abilities does not mean they are qualified to give advice. So how do you find the right psychic? Call them. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Remember you can use your intuition or "gut feel"to feel them out. In all cases you are your own best psychic interpreter. If the psychic "feels" right to you, they usually are.

Don't think that a psychic has the power to change things, can do you harm, or solve your problems. Psychics are only human beings that use an enhanced ability that we all have. If a psychic says something that doesn't resonate or ring true to you, toss it out. God gives us free will and only you have the power to change your life and make decisions that are right for you. You, and only you, are always responsible for your thoughts, action and life. No psychic can be 100% right, because of your free will and your choice of options along your life path. A psychic may predict something will happen to you because they sense, feel, see or know where you are at the time of the reading. If you, or someone else in your life, decides to do something a little different, it has a domino effect on the outcome of the reading. So remember nothing is in stone.

A really good psychic will explain the options open to you. They will not be negative or judgmental. They will not make decisions for you or tell you what to do. Because a psychic works in a realm where time doesn't exist (man created time to gain control over their existence), when a psychic predicts a certain time frame in a reading it may or may not be applicable.

Having experienced psychic abilities from eight years of age, I know some very good psychics who use their psychic abilities in truth and integrity. They have high moral ethics and practice with a deep sense of inner strength, spirituality, love and caring for their clients. If you are considering using a psychic, here are some tips that you may find helpful:

A True Psychic will not:

• make you come back for frequent readings. Once every couple of months or even once a year is sufficient for a good psychic reading.
• use magic, spells, or make you buy anything that will improve your life.
• make a prediction about death.
• promise to solve your problems or find you love.
• ask you for meanings of their psychic impressions.
• need to know anything about your situation, except your question.
• have to see you in person to do an accurate reading.
• make decisions for you.
• be arrogant, prideful or egotistical.
• have the need to be right.
• pressure you.
• need to use any tools or paraphernalia.
• guarantee things will happen in a specific time frame.
• be negative in their reading.

A True Psychic will:

• be correct 80% of the time.
• charge reasonable fees, and not high rates. Remember that the qualification of a psychic is not directly related to the prices they charge.
• give you in-depth insight and not generalities.
• have a deep spiritual belief.
• have their own life in order.
• honor their body and be healthy and fit.
• provide you references.
• provide information to overcome the negativity in your life.
• is focused and clear in their readings.
• makes you feel positive and filled with energy.

For more articles: www.lindamackenzie.net

This information is intended for general information purposes only. Individuals with health problems should always seek their natural health care provider before administrating suggestions made above. Application of above methods is at the user's discretion and is totally their responsibility.

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Bird Symbols

A bird can be viewed as a symbol. If a bird flies across your path or
you see a bird in your dream it has a meaning.

Bird Meaning
Blue Jay Adaptability Falcon Strength Pheasant Harmony
Canary Joy Flamingo Grace Quail Family
Cardinal Beauty Goose (Tame) Quarrelsome Raven Shifting
Chickadee Optimism Goose (Snow) Fidelity Robin New Growth
Chicken Fertility Hawk Spiritual Awareness Sea Gull Freedom
Crane Long Life Heron Self-Reliance Sparrow Companionship
Crow Messanger Hummingbird Joy Stork Philosophy
Hope, Peace
Ostrich Justice
Swan True Self
Duck (Tame) Marital Happiness Owl Wisdom Turkey Restlessness
Duck (Wild) Adventure Peacock Universal Consciousness Vulture Fate
Eagle Power Pelican Sacrifice Wren Rebirth

This is an excerpt; for complete chart and over 40 other charts order the award-winning book: Inner Insights - The Book of Charts

The HealthyLife.net
Recipe of the Month

Poached Salmon

Cooking Time: 10-20 minutes, 1-large skillet

4 1 inch thick salmon steaks
1/3 cup lemon juice
2/3 cup water
1 tablespoon white or apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon dill weed

In a large skillet over medium heat place lemon juice, water, vinegar and dill weed.
Add salmon in a single layer. Cover and poach for 7 minutes or until salmon is a milky color.
Remove fish and keep warm. In skillet, reserve poaching liquid in for Salmon Sauce below.

Salmon Sauce:
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 tespoon dill weed
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 eggs, room temperature

With skillet on medium heat add butter, dill weed and lemon juice to poaching liquid.
In a separate bowl whisk the eggs until light and foamy.
Gradually add, 1 tablespoon at a time, a small amount of poaching liquid to the eggs whisking constantly.
Add and whisk in the egg mixture to the rest of poaching liquid in skillet and cook 1 minute over low heat, stirring constantly.
Pour over salmon and serve.

From the Editor's Desk   

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