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Welcome to our Radio Newsletter

It's always fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. We make sure to have the most positive hosts on the planet for your positive listening pleasure.


Patricia Lemer

The Autism Detective w/ Patricia Lemer & Dr. Andy McCabe-
Tuesdays, 10 am PT

These Detectives delve into the causes of autism, not just the symptoms, helping you discover information & alternatives. Patricia Lemer, a Licensed Counselor and 40-year diagnostician is the author of three healing autism books. Dr. Andy McCabe has a Psy.D. in Applied Psychology and is a full time professor.



Risa Feldman
Epicurean Exploring
4th Monday every month, 2 p.m. PST

Risa Feldman

Who is Risa Feldman...

Risa is a Jersey Gal who grew up going down the shore, listening to Springsteen. She attended The University of Miami, graduating with degrees in both Psychology and Communications. Risa's first job was in New York City in Sports Public Relations agency, Alan Taylor Communication and after 5 years became a Senior Publicist. She later joined Festival Marketing where she was part of a team that created and produced high-end one of a kind experiences for American Express cardholders and later became Vice President for Integrated Sports International.

Eventually Risa launched her own business New Leaf Events and Marketing. She had a constant flow of projectsand her clients included American Express, Dick Clark Communications, Food and Wine Magazine, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Maui Film Festival, Bermuda Tourism and more.

In 2000, Risa was invited to join the Sports Production Team of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. For the first-time ever, the USOC decided to broadcast live, the announcement of the Bronze, Silver and Gold medalists, immediately after each final event. For 2 years she worked with a staff of 90, with the goal of flawlessly executing 65 'Field of Play' live TV ceremonies. Due to its success, she was asked to join the 2010 Olympic Winter Sports Production Dept in Vancouver. Then she became a guest correspondent on the Today Show.

Afer the 2010 Olympics she started writing. With a passion for adventures and love of experiencing new food and restaurants she became a travel/food writer and soon she was being sought after and sent on travel/dining writing assignments from all different media and tourism offices. After a few months, I received a call about an opportunity to be a guest on a restaurants/dining show on Radio Network. To Risa life is about constant discovery and experiences. Her advice is, "Don't be afraid to go after what it is that you feel a passion for, and if you haven't found that passion, keep your eyes open, that passion may just find you!"

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Transforming Troubling Relationships
by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of "Guy Finley Live! "
3rd Tuesday every month, 9am PT

We all know how it feels when another person - especially someone we say we love - does something we don't like. What happens to the love in a moment like that? It flies out the window as we resist what the other person is doing. They are bringing up reactions in us that make us uncomfortable, and so we push them away, criticize them, and blame them for the way we feel.
It's a common response, but when we do that, we're wasting an opportunity for our own transformation. In that moment I'm being introduced to qualities that I'm presently asleep to in myself: my insistence that things go my way, the part of me that gets easily threatened, etc. Only by seeing these things, can I ever change.

Until we recognize that relationships serve to reveal hidden aspects of ourselves that have been a limitation to enlarging our life, we will not be transformed, nor can our relationships be perfected.

Can I resist any moment in my life and learn from it at the same time? No. If I reject the lesson, I reject life, and if I reject life, I reject the Love that's giving me both life and the lesson.

I'm denying the teacher knocking at my door because living within me is a false teacher, a false body of ideas, that tells me that only what I believe is for me is actually on my side. That level of consciousness has divided life up into good and bad, light and dark, up and down. It draws a line between myself and whatever has come to reveal what stands in my way of knowing an authentically unconditional love - a love that embraces every lesson life brings regardless of how challenging it feels in the moment.

Consider for a moment, what is it about any event that's troubling to me? When you think about it, it isn't really what that person did. I'm troubled because what they did is stirring in me something I don't want to see - like my selfish insistence that everyone must align their behavior with my preferences.

If something's troubling me, it means I came into the moment with that unseen nature, just waiting to be stirred into action. The condition doesn't create the negative consciousness I experience. It reveals the consciousness that's always there.

If the event reveals the consciousness I've brought into the moment, and that consciousness can only resist or hate the moment or someone in it, then that's what I need to recognize. Blaming the event or that person for how I feel changes nothing. If I blame, I miss the lesson in the moment that could transform the nature that makes impossible demands, and then suffers for them.

We're unhappy when we live from a body of unseen psychological demands that require balancing and harmonizing. But so often when the moment of revelation comes to help us harmonize these unseen aspects of ourselves, we reject the teacher and instead, stand with the old, habitual nature that lives in us, insisting that people and events must be what we need them to be so nothing ever bugs us. And in that way we've already assured there will soon be a situation where we get bugged.

So, the real question is, how deeply am I willing to learn in these moments? How willing am I to let the moment change the whole of me, instead of me trying to change a part of you so that I can be at peace?

When we approach our relationships with others with this new wish to learn and be transformed by them, then we will change, and our relationships will be perfected as they're meant to be.

Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-realization, including "The Secret of Letting Go," "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living," and his brand new book "The Secret of Your Immortal Self." He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week. Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post. For more information and to download Guy's Free 60-minute MP3 seminar "Five Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless," and sign up to receive a free helpful newsletter each week. Visit

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On-Going-Merlin, OR: Guy Finley -Guy Finley speaks every Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the Life of Learning Center, 459 Galice Road, in Merlin, Oregon 97352. Visit

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July 2019

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July 8-12: Duvall, WA:Robert Moss Dream Teacher Training Visit

July 29-August 4: Woodstock, NY:Susun Weed Green Goddess Apprenticw Week Visit

July 15-19: Duvall, WA: Robert Moss Dream Teacher Training. Visit

Selecting a Psychic
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

There are lots of people who claim to be psychic. Look at all the psychic phone lines and ads in magazines, newspapers and on television. Some of these people have true psychic ability; others are intuitive and are developing their abilities; and still others have little or no ability at all.

In fact there are so many different kinds of psychics, who are on so many different levels, that it makes it hard to select one. There are scientific tests for psychic ability yet there is still no concrete scientific standard to measure these abilities. And just because someone has psychic abilities does not mean they are qualified to give advice. So how do you find the right psychic? Call them. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Remember you can use your intuition or "gut feel"to feel them out. In all cases you are your own best psychic interpreter. If the psychic "feels" right to you, they usually are.

Don't think that a psychic has the power to change things, can do you harm, or solve your problems. Psychics are only human beings that use an enhanced ability that we all have. If a psychic says something that doesn't resonate or ring true to you, toss it out. God gives us free will and only you have the power to change your life and make decisions that are right for you. You, and only you, are always responsible for your thoughts, action and life. No psychic can be 100% right, because of your free will and your choice of options along your life path. A psychic may predict something will happen to you because they sense, feel, see or know where you are at the time of the reading. If you, or someone else in your life, decides to do something a little different, it has a domino effect on the outcome of the reading. So remember nothing is in stone.

A really good psychic will explain the options open to you. They will not be negative or judgmental. They will not make decisions for you or tell you what to do. Because a psychic works in a realm where time doesn't exist (man created time to gain control over their existence), when a psychic predicts a certain time frame in a reading it may or may not be applicable.

Having experienced psychic abilities from eight years of age, I know some very good psychics who use their psychic abilities in truth and integrity. They have high moral ethics and practice with a deep sense of inner strength, spirituality, love and caring for their clients. If you are considering using a psychic, here are some tips that you may find helpful:

A True Psychic will not:

• make you come back for frequent readings. Once every couple of months or even once a year is sufficient for a good psychic reading.
• use magic, spells, or make you buy anything that will improve your life.
• make a prediction about death.
• promise to solve your problems or find you love.
• ask you for meanings of their psychic impressions.
• need to know anything about your situation, except your question.
• have to see you in person to do an accurate reading.
• make decisions for you.
• be arrogant, prideful or egotistical.
• have the need to be right.
• pressure you.
• need to use any tools or paraphernalia.
• guarantee things will happen in a specific time frame.
• be negative in their reading.

A True Psychic will:

• be correct 80% of the time.
• charge reasonable fees, and not high rates. Remember that the qualification of a psychic is not directly related to the prices they charge.
• give you in-depth insight and not generalities.
• have a deep spiritual belief.
• have their own life in order.
• honor their body and be healthy and fit.
• provide you references.
• provide information to overcome the negativity in your life.
• is focused and clear in their readings.
• makes you feel positive and filled with energy.

Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. ( c ), , has been a God-based psychic since she was eight years old. She has helped thousands of people on their road to self-empowerment, self-discovery, and self-healing as a Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate and through her national radio show, radio & TV guest appearances, books, tapes, lectures, and psychic readings.

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An angel is a "pure and divine spirit", a "messenger", a "ministering or guiding spirit" and according to scriptures employed by God. Angels are prevelant in many religions and angels bring us comfort and hope. Here are the three Hierarchies and nine choirs of Angels:

Herb / Use
Herb / Use
Herb / Use
Herb / Use
Acorn / TB, Aids
Buchu / PMS
Coriander / Antiseptic
Ginkgo / Alzheimer's
Agrimony / Astringent
Buckthorn / Laxative
Cranberry/Urinary Infection
Ginseng/Immune System
Aloe / Burns, Poison Ivy
Burdock/Food Poisoning
Damania / Depression
Goldenseal / Colitis
Angelica / Arthritis
Calendula / Ear Aches
Dandelion / Stomach
Gotu Kola/Immune System
Anise / Menopause
Caraway / Digestion
Dill / Abdominal Pain
Gravelroot / Urinary
Asafetida / Gas, Candida
Cascara / Constipation
Dusty Miller/Cloudy Vision
Hawthorne/Heart Disease
Balm / Anxiety, Insomnia
Catnip / Anxiety
Echinacea / Arthritis
Hop / Insomnia
Barberry / Bronchitis
Celery Seed / Stress
Horehound / Cough

Basil / Immune System

Chamomile / Digestion
Ephedra / Hay Fever
Bay / Anxiety
Chapparal / Cancer
Eucalyptus / Antiseptic
Hyssop / Colds, Flu
Bayberry / Colds, Flu
Cinnamon / Anesthetic
Evening Primrose / PMS
Irish Moss / Dry Cough
Blackberry / Fevers
Clove / Parasitic
Fennel / Digestion Aid
Juniper / Gout, Gas
Black Cohosh / Nerves
Cocoa / Jet Lag
Fenugreek/High Cholesterol
Kava Kava / Fatigue
Black Haw / Menopause
Coffee / Decongestant
Feverfew / Headache
Kelp / Antiseptic
Bloodroot / Skin Cancer
Coltsfoot / Coughs
Garlic / Antibiotic
Kola / Fatigue
Blue Cohosh /Menstrual
Comfrey / Healing
Gentian / Arthritis
Larkspur / Lice
Boneset / Colds, Flu
Corn Silk/Urinary Infections
Ginger /Motion Sickness
Lavender /Antidepressant


Recipe of the Month

Cookie of Cookies

Oven Temperature: 350° F
Baking Time: 8-10 minutes
Preparation: Grease baking sheets.

1 1/2 cups wheat free flour
1/2 teaspoon of xantham gum
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup butter (softened, room temperature)
2/3 cup maple syrup
1 egg yolk (room temperature)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Sift together flour, xantham gum, baking powder and salt. Cream butter with maple syrup using electric mixer on low-medium speed until well blended. Add egg yolk and vanilla. With a wooden spoon, blend in flour mixture to creamed mixture to form dough.
Roll out dough (may be crumbly) /2 inch thick on lightly floured bowl. Cut into desired shapes with your favorite cookie cutters.
Place cookies on greased baking sheets. Immediately remove cookies from pan and cool on wire rack.

This cookie is versatile and can be made into other types of cookies.

For Almond Cookies:
Add 1/2 teaspoon almond extract and 1 teaspoon of grated lemon peel at the time you add the egg yolk and vanilla.

For Caraway Cookies:
Add 2 tablespoons of caraway seed to sifted flour mixture.

For Ginger Cookies: Add 1/4 cup candied ginger chopped extremely fine and 1/2 teaspoon ginger at the time you add the egg yolk and vanilla.

For Molasses Cookies:
Add 1/3 cup molasses and reduce maple syrup to 1/3 of a cup.

For Orange Cookies:
Add 1/2 teaspoon orange extract and 1 1/2 teaspoon of grated orange peel at the time you add the egg yolk and vanilla.

For Spice Cookies:
Add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cloves and 1/4 teaspoon allspice to sifted flour mixture.


From the Editor's Desk   

June - Igniting Your Passion

I remember when PJ Grimes, who has now passed over told me that while she was on an afternoon outing, she came across three ready-to-bloom, fragrant lavender plants sitting in the sale rack. Heavily discounted these lovely, lilac-colored plants were just waiting for her to get there and take them home. Soon she would have plenty of lavender for making relaxing teas and bath sachets, plus the pungent scent in the yard would draws in all kinds of admirers, including hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Purple was her favorite color and the lavender plants provided a welcome feast for all of the senses. For her, this was pure passion.

You'll certainly find volumes of passion-based energies on display here at News anchor/show host/producer Jay Cruz's love of sports, music, useful news and odd bits of trivia is contagious, engages people near and far with news you can use - all based in truth and integrity. Robert Moss' passion for all-things-dreams has led him on a fruitful journey as bestselling author and educator and he answers your dream questions live on-air. Bobby Likis' early childhood passion for cars put him onto the auto fast track in life, including becoming a race car driver, automotive service center owner, and popular TV and radio show host who also shares his auto answers on air for your specific auto questions.

It has been my unwavering passion for helping people, health and spirit, on a local and global scale, that has made what is it - the leader in positive talk radio. My strong desire and vision to have a cadre of positive hosts dispersing info in truth and integrity has helped over 60 million (and still growing) listeners. Where others would have never ventured or who would have long dropped out of the radio arena, I still demonstrate an on-going passion for what I do and believe in. Passion pays off for while others in the industry are scrambling, continues to carry the network to new heights ultimately changing people's lives towards the positive.

Passion comes about in big and small ways. Especially in times of duress, it is our underlying passion that can help see us through, give us hope, or offer a second wind. It can lend comfort. It can lead you towards new and improved directions. Passion brings about change in inner and outer worlds. Passion can be the spark that ignites your launching your own business, in starting a band, for new educational pursuits, and much more.

Now may be the right time to ask yourself what really makes your heart sing and soar. While reading, pay attention to what steps out to you over and over again. Is there something you've always dreamed about doing but have been afraid to pursue? programming features a variety of experts, including Dr. Jane Greer, Dr. Andy McCabe, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Emily Francis, Joanne Rees, Susun Weed and many others, who answer your questions on air to support and help you get on your way. A life that you truly love can be discovered in listening to your heart and to

Check our Radio Show Guide on our home page for all of June's positive possibilities for your SELF-CARE. There is no simpler and easier way to get the SELF-CARE information, resources, and support you need in creating a happy, healthy life.. Every week check out our guest and topic schedule weekly at this link:

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Thanks for tuning in to HealthyLife.Net. Catch you here next month.

Linda Mackenzie, Editor
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Tuesdays 8am PT


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