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Welcome to our HealthyLife.net Radio Newsletter
It's always fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. We make sure to have the most positive hosts on the planet for your positive listening pleasure.

includes the new opinion feature 'Rants and Raves'

Monday - Saturday 7am, 7pm PT

We work to provide you the uncensored NATURAL health news and positive self care programs to stay informed, positive, entertained and healthy. Together we're strong - so be fearless! - The HealthyLife.net Team


Luke Blue Eagle

The Blue Eagle Show
w/Luke Blue Eagale
2nd Tuesday Every Month 2pm PT, 5pm ET

TTune In for a vision of our world from a traditional shamanic perspective. A sharing of indigenous wisdom and its' modern-day applications. Interviews with wisdom keepers, traditional elders and writers.

Luke Blue Eagle is a Canadian shaman who has published, created and taught indigenous wisdom ways for the past 40 years



Dr. Rod Fuentes

Quantum Jump
Wedsdays, 11am PT, 2pm ET

Who Is Dr. Rod Fuentes?

Dr. Dr. Rod Fuentes was born in the Chilean Andes where he lived up to the age of 25 years old, he was trained under the guidance of one of the "Codes Keepers" or Kepper of the "8 Codes of Life" very early in his life. The "Codes Keepers" relayed the millenary tradition of the "8 Codes of Life" to him, this was an event that marked his destiny. He is one of the "codes´s keepers" but he was forbidden to relay them to other westerners before the year 2016.

Besides that impressive background for over 30 years has researched, studied and practiced the most powerful systems of personal development, coaching, and psychology of change. For more than 10 years he worked internationally certifying people in the different levels of NLP together with Richard Bandler, father and co-creator of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
Rod has become the No. 1 on NLP, Hypnotherapy and "Deep Coaching" in Hispanic America. He became the first Master Hypnotists (doctor in Hypnosis) in Hispanic America and one of the few in the world. And he trained outstanding Chilean and foreign mental and physical health professionals and several thousand people in personal improvement, growth and transformation in Hypnosis, "Deep Coaching", and NLP.In the fields of coaching, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, he assisted more than 20,000 people in experiential dynamics of coaching, NLP, self-discovery, development and personal transformation.

The 8 codes of the Andes blended with the disciplines of Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP- they form a truly magical system called "ME-SHINE Method".

During his life he also met as coach, therapist and friend of billionaires, outstanding athletes, artists, outstanding academics, social leaders, and influential people, in different countries. This led him to create the "Primary Mental Master Formula" and the "12 Laws of the Mind" which, when applied to the different areas of a person's life, allows them to achieve a "Successful Life" but also to "Live an Extraordinary Life" - a fully balanced, complete , and happy life, that many highly successful people never get.

Rod has become one of the greatest connoisseurs of the subconscious and " Reprogrammer of the Unconscious mind". He was the first in the West to point out that the subconscious is a "sphere of energy or personal atmosphere" composed of a series of codes or programs of modifiable and changeable coded energy that materialize physical realities in a cyclical way and in circular time.
Rod is the Creator of the "Instant Transformational Hypnosis" therapy that aims to use Hypnosis for success, development and personal growth. And in the therapeutic areas he developed the "evolutionary therapy", and "circular time therapy"
Former president of the chapter of coaches for Santiago de Chile of the International Association of Coaching of the United States.
Certified by the NGH as a Professional Hypnotherapist.

He is a lecturer and author of the two books published on Amazon "From Ayahuasca to Andean Gratitude" and "Spiritual Dad, Poor Dad. " The International Leadership Cloister "(Mexico) recognized him as an" Outstanding Transformational Leader "in January 2020. On February 23 th 2021, Rod Fuentes was appointed ambassador for Chile of the "International Coaching And Speaking Federation" (Mexico-USA.)

Dr. Rod Fuentes is a Show Host on HealthyLife radio (Mahattan Beach, California). His show "Quantum Jump", is broadcasts every Wednesday at 11 am (Pacific Time -California) to the 50 states of the United States and 135 countries. You may listen to him every Friday at that time wherever country you may live on: HealthyLife. Net

Bernie's Website: /www.andesquantumjump.com

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Discover the Heart of Letting Go

by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of  "Letting Go"
Tuesdays, 6pm PT

Letting go, at its heart, is an act of agreement with Life. It is an accord on our part with what the present moment tells us about ourselves as it unfolds before us, asking of us what it does. And what is it that Life is asking of us moment to moment? It's simple, really:

Life is asking each of us: will you be a witness to my Story? Will you let go of your short-lived moment in the sun of passing circumstances - in order to realize that just behind all such shadows dwells a Life whose Light never fades?

" The work to live in Presence costs us nothing except to see that our life, spent in selfish pursuits, costs us everything.
" That painful sense of urgency, that fiery feeling that comes with anxiously running after something in life thought to be critical to our well-being, is one of the ways in which the false self makes what is essentially meaningless into something seen as being highly meaningful.

" It isn't until the mind is touched by something it cannot imagine that, for the deftness of this quieting embrace, it gives up its childish pursuits and learns to wait in receptive repose.

When we see the truth that the more we struggle to get ahead in life, the further it seems we must go to get "there," then we will know why the wise ones teach that nothing is more profitable for us to do than attend to the present moment, and to work there to possess ourselves within it.

This article is excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go by Guy Finley

Guy Finley is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling self-help author. He is the Founder and Director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for transcendent self-study located in Merlin, Oregon. He also hosts the Foundation's Wisdom School - an online self-discovery program for seekers of higher self-knowledge. Guy livestreams two free talks a week. Each talk is followed by an open Q&A session. To register visit www.guyfinley.org/online.


Susun Weed
15 Years on HealthyLife.net



1st Thursday Every Month, 9am PT

Susun is the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition. Studying herbal medicine since 1965, Susun, a multi-book author, writer and journalist also coordinates the activities of her Wise Woman Center.

Her worldwide teachings include: herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, eco-herbalism, and women's health issues. Her venues are at medical schools, hospital wellness centers, naturopathic colleges, breast cancer centers, midwifery schools, shamanic centers and conferences.  

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Sports Injury
Bone & Joint Support Can Help
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. ( c )

Over 100 million Americans suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or sports injury to the bone and joints. Supporting bone and joint health is the best defense against pain, long term problems and injury and here's why!

There are 100 rheumatic diseases that may be diagnosed as arthritis. True Arthritis comes in two forms osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

Joint immobility
Inflammation or enlargement of the joints

Environmental factors
Food allergies
Fungal, viral or bacterial infection
Diet or eating processed foods

Osteoporosis, although associated with menopause is not a symptom of menopause. It can happen to men too! A progressive disease, osteoporosis causes weakness in the bone structure which brings a higher risk to getting bone fractures.

Nutrient Deficiency of calcium, vitamin D, boron, silicon, manganese, zinc, and copper
Poor diet
Excessive caffeine
Long term use of corticosteroids, anticoagulant or anti-seizure medications
Lack of exercise
Kidney, liver, thyroid and endocrine disease.

Sports injury can occur from any sport that is played continually over a long period time or from an accident. From tiddly winks to football repetitive motion can put a strain on tendons, muscles, bones and joints.


By protecting your bone & joint health you may be able to prevent, minimize or reduce healing time of bone & joint problems. Normal bone health depends on heredity, nutritional, lifestyle and hormonal, liver and kidney functional activity.

• Physical exercise usually increases bone growth; lack of exercise leads to bone loss. Weight training exercises for 30-60minutes, 3-4 times a week is best. Try Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and walking.

• Foods to avoid or limit: sugar, caffeine, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives, processed foods, processed meats and fast foods. For arthritis also eliminate or limit intake of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms

• Limit red meat to 3 times a week

• Eat right with a high fiber, mostly vegetarian diet with lots of green, leafy vegetables

• Reduce or eliminate alcohol because it promotes bone loss

• Try helpful herbs like boswellia, yucca, willow bark, devils claw, ginger, tumeric, basil, dandelion, parsley, cumin, oat straw, stinging nettle and black cohash.

• Use aromatherapy oils like rose, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, rosemary and benzoin

• Stop smoking; smokers have lower bone mass.

• Wear proper shoes and use proper equipment when playing sports.

• Try homeopathy for bones and joints.

• Use dietary supplements such as: a good multi-vitamin; Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fish oil, coenzyme Q10, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, boron, silicon, manganese, zinc, copper, MSM, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin and green foods like spirulina, chlorella or blue green algae.


This information is intended for general information purposes only. Individuals with health problems should always seek their natural health care provider before administrating suggestions made above. Application of above methods is at the user's discretion and is totally their responsibility.

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Auras are atmospheres arising from and surrounding the body. Similar to the earth's atmosphere, auras help protect the mind, body and spirit. Colors in the auric field constantly vary and change.


        Base    Energy
   Sound    Feeling
Physical Matter Physical Body Everyday Sounds Consciousness  I Exist
Karma, Love
Physical Sensation Shining
Pale Blue
Keen Hearing Deep Physical Experience  I Respond
Rational Thought
Mental Process
Universal Mind
Partitioned Planes Yellow Light Rhythmic Beat Logical Unattached Feeling  I Think
Desire, Emotion,
Out of Body Experience(OBE)
Timelessness, Sensitivity Red, Opaque Multicolors None Emotional Experience, Unity with Another  I Blend
Higher Mind
Divine Will, Contact with the
Holy Spirit, Universal Mind
Thought Focus, Action of Thought Cobalt Blue, Azure, Purple Voice Within Awareness, Strength, Higher Force Connection  I Will
Higher Self,
Universal Love
Peace, Security Prismatic Pastels w/ Gold & White Light, Pink, Electric Blue, White White Noise Spiritual Ecstasy  I Know
Life Force,
Higher Mind,
Spiritual Strength
Energy Source Gold Humming Peace, Security  I Am

This is an excerpt;from theaward-winning book: Inner Insights - The Book of Charts. To order it just click the link

The HealthyLife.net
Recipe of the Month

Coriander Shrimp Scampi

Cooking Time: 8-10 minutes, 1-large skillet

1 lb. fresh or frozen thawed shrimp
1/3 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon coriander
1 tablespoon parsley
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon rosemary
1 teaspoon salt
1-2 tablespoons grated Romano goat or sheep's milk cheese

Over low heat, in a large skillet melt butter and olive oil.
Place fresh or thawed frozen shrimp in a single layer in bottom of skillet.
Sprinkle shrimp with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and spices.
Cook over medium heat for 4-5 minutes.
Turn shrimp over and cook an additional 4-5 minutes.
Sprinkle grated Romano cheese over shrimp in skillet. Remove from heat.
Serve immediately over basmati rice, brown rice, quinoa linguine or brown rice spaghetti.

From the Editor's Desk   

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James S. Turner, Esq., Chairman and President of Citizens for Health (CFH), passed away suddenly at his Washington, D.C. home on January 25; he was 81.

“Jim has been one of the most powerful and articulate voices and leaders in health freedom and consumer choice. We look forward to honoring Jim’s vision by continuing the vital work that Citizens for Health does on behalf of all Americans,” said James Gormley, Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor of Citizens for Health. One of Ralph Nader’s original “Nader’s Raiders,” Mr. Turner co-wrote the 1970 book, The Chemical Feast: Ralph Nader’s Study Group Report on the Food and Drug Administration. Time Magazine commented at the time that Mr. Turner’s book “may well be the most devastating critique of a U.S. Government agency ever issued.” Believing that private sector attorneys could energize the consumer movement, in 1973 Mr. Turner joined with David Swankin, a former aide to White House Consumer Advisor Esther Peterson, to create the law firm of Swankin & Turner, in which he remained an active principal for nearly five decades until his death. From representing organizations such as the Consumer Federation of America as well as individual consumers, to consulting for major businesses on consumer policy, the firm of Swankin & Turner has fought for consumer interests and advocated consumer policies across a broad range of issues while influencing regulatory matters concerning food, drugs, health, the environment, and product safety. In 1992, Mr. Turner began to take a leadership role in Citizens for Health, a consumer organization defending individual choice and access in health matters and nutrition and served as Chairman and President for many years until the time of his death. He was instrumental in winning passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), which defines and regulates dietary supplements, and the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, which established uniform national standards for the production and handling of food labeled as “organic.” In 1996, he helped start Consumers for Dental Choice, which in turn led an international coalition of environmental, dental, and consumer groups to gain adoption of an anti-amalgam provision in the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

His recent advocacy includes collaborating on the successful push to convince the FDA to send the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Draft Guidance back to the drawing board, and a number of citizen petitions to the FDA, including one calling for the FDA to reverse its approval of sucralose, and another calling for FDA action to protect the public from the illegal, mislabeled use of high fructose corn syrup.Mr. Turner has also been on the front lines of natural health, cooperating with a broad spectrum of other consumer groups to advance preservation of federally recognized homeopathic medicine; to oppose dangerous exposure to radio-frequency radiation; and to preserve access to innovative healthcare modalities, including energy medicine. Mr. Turner also represented healthcare professionals fighting anti-competitive federal and state trade rules. He played a key role in mainstreaming the practice of acupuncture and served as lead attorney on a petition to the FDA that resulted in the classification of acupuncture needles as medical devices “safe for general use” by trained acupuncture practitioners, and in legalizing the importation and distribution of acupuncture needles in 1996.

He persuaded the Federal Trade Commission to cease its investigations targeting chiropractic care. He represented dentists ordered by state licensing boards to withhold information from their patients about the effects of mercury in dental amalgam fillings, including risks to patients, dental workers, and the environment. Mr. Turner’s original advocacy was ultimately vindicated by a Food and Drug Administration Safety Communication on dental amalgam in 2020. Mr. Turner served as a consumer consultant to and sat on advisory boards and committees of governmental agencies and business groups, including the Food Safety Council, Americans for Homeopathy Choice, the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the American Herbal Products Association, and Voice for HOPE (Healers of Planet Earth). In addition to The Chemical Feast, Mr. Turner was the co-author of Making Your Own Baby Food and of Voice of the People: The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life, and was responsible for numerous articles, book chapters, speeches, and lectures.

Mr. Turner was a graduate of The Ohio State University, which he attended on a U.S. Navy scholarship, and served in the OSU Student Senate for three years. He received his law degree from The Ohio State University College of Law (now Moritz College of Law), where he served as Chief Justice of the Moot Court. Between undergraduate school and law school, Mr. Turner was a Lieutenant on active duty in the U.S. Navy, where he graduated with distinction from Naval Justice School and served as a Nuclear Weapons Handling Officer and Gunnery Officer aboard the U.S.S. Purdy and the U.S.S. Austin. He founded small-press Potomac Valley Press, which published Healthy Harvest: A Directory of Sustainable Agriculture & Horticulture Organizations (1985-1989), and hosted an organic community garden at his Washington, D.C. home for more than 30 years.

Mr. Turner is survived by his his law partner and life partner of 45 years, Betsy E. Lehrfeld, Esq., his son Christopher B. Turner, Esq., and his daughter, Victoria M. Turner. The family is asking that in lieu of flowers, those wishing to honor Mr. Turner consider donations to the Citizens for Health Education Foundation, https://citizens.org/donate-citizens-health-education-foundation/.

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