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Our Loyal Listeners are affluent, intelligent with higher disposable income and are willing to pay for a product they believe in and encourage family/ friends to buy products they like. They are interested in natural health, sports & fitness, family, pets, lifestyle, business and community, personal growth, spirituality, sustainability, the environment, culture and social justice.

Reaching over 130 countries, 82.7% of our audience is based in the U.S. reaching almost all cities, in all 50 States. Click for example of some of our U.S. City Breakdown



Statistics from actual data derived from our Listener Clubhouse 

More Listeners on By independent 3rd Party analysis we have higher Active Live Sessions, On-demand and Podcast downloads than digital AM/FM/Satellite stations.
- Triton Digital, Radio Network Statistics

Get 62+ Additional Distribution Channels for FREE: Radio Network is syndicated/simulcast 24/7 on over 62+ distribution channels aired on: Cars, Internet, Tablets, Smartphones,Wifi, SmartTVs, SmartWatches, mobile, private radio networks for the blind, retail stores and more. Click for some of our distribution channels

Our Advertiser Top Opportunities Include:

  • Local, National and Global Brand Awareness
  • Increased Website Visits
  • Online purchases of products/services;
  • In-store product recognition/purchase
  • Increased customer email/social media interaction.

Why Advertise on Radio?

  • Operating since 2002 we have longevity and a larger, loyal listener base
  • Longer 'drive time' from 5am - 6pm weekdays
  • Over 40 recognized celebrity hosts in all genres
  • Target or simultaneous reach of local, national or global audiences
  • Includes over 62+ syndicated/simulcast distribution channels
  • FREE On-Demand and Podcast Downloads during Campaign
  • 3 month On-Demand and Podcast Downloads Shelf Life AFTER campaign is over
  • Niche market for positive talk, healthy living and ONLY Alternative/Integrative Health.
  • Customized advertising to fit YOUR needs and budget.
  • Free production, using your copy or ours, with fast turnaround
  • We use professional Hollywood-based voice over talent
  • Click here to see some of our advertisers and affiliates

It's Easy! Some Ways to Advertise...

 - FAB 5 - Full Digital Radio Ad Campaigns
With a Fab-5 ad campaign you will get maximum exposure with customized ad packages to fit your needs and budget. We'll give you voice ads, some free banners, plus a little social media exposure, a guest interview or two and even an email campaign. We also have specialized campaigns for the South Bay, Automobile, Promotions, Run of Station Campaigns and even pick your favorite show or target local, national or global audiences.

 - Show Sponsorships
For a softer side to branding try sponsoring a show. You'll get some billboards, banners and a commercial or two in a show that fits in with your product or service.

 - Features
In many shows we have special features/segments that you can sponsor and use to promote/market your product or service. Call us to find out if your product or service fits in to our special features.

 - Remote Broadcasts
Whether you're in the South Bay or Southern California we can come and do a remote broadcast at your location. This full featured 2-3 hour event can tie in a promotion and you'll find old and new customers coming to your location even after the event

 - Mentions
Whether it is for a personal message or a business message to announce a sale or event we have lots of ways to get 'Live' Mentions for you on our programs and network!

For Ad Package or Rates:
Call 800-555-5453, 310-371-5444 or



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63.2 million people will use an ad blocker on their desktop/ laptop PC while 20.7 million will use an ad blocker on their smartphone.-

TIMING FOR RADIO VOICE ADS IS EVEN BETTER... caters to the 35-64 purchasing age group; Majority of Traditional Radio caters to the 12-34 age group.

The 35-64 age Radio Listener group spends 3X as much time listening than traditional radio or viewing TV. **

** 2016 Neilsen Scarborough Report

Web Radio General Facts:

Over 119 million* people a week listen to Internet Radio at an Average 12 hrs/week**.

70% of Internet Radio listening occurs between 5 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays.

Average TSL (time spent listening) to an Internet Radio Network is 1-3 hours a day.**

Online Podcast Listeners Average TSL (time spent listening) is 5-8 min. top of the hour****

40% of Internet Radio listeners have used smartphones.***

54% use car audio system; 32% use portable players and 15% connect with smartphones.****

Internet Radio Audiences in General****

  • are 4 times more likely to purchase online
  • 70% prefer audio ads over banner ads
  • 58% recall and 44% respond to an internet radio ad;
  • 20% visit the company's website
  • 8% went to a retail location to purchase
  • 7% sent a text/email to the company
  • 6% phone the company *Triton/Edison Media
    ***Pew Research-
    ****Arbitron/Edison Media,, Alexa, TargetSpot,