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Mystick Monk
Tim Ryan
Sat 1pm
Aspel on the Esplanade
Steve Aspel
Sat 10am
Be fit in mind, body and spirit.Tim has taught karate, kick boxing and fitness for over 20 years. He lives in San Pedro.
SoBay Fun, Views & Local Interviews with the Voice of Redondo. Steve is the former beloved Mayor of Redondo Beach.
Live Show: Saturday 1pm
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Live Call-In Show: Tue 1pm
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Linda Mackenzie Show
Linda Mackenzie
Sat 11am
Powell to the People
Wayne Powell
Sat 12pm
Interesting guests, eclectic topics plus natural health. Linda has been in radio for over 20 years and has appeared on almost all cable & network TV.

SoBay & Manhattan Beach interviews and news with former MB Mayor, CFO, and multiple committee chairperson. Wayne lives in Manhattan Beach.

Live Call-In Show: Tue 8am
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Live Show: Mon 1pm
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Epicurean Exploring
Risa Feldman
Backbeat Radio
Jay Cruz
Sat 2pm
Travel, Eats and fascinating stories. Risa is a travel/food writer & magazine publlisher, who lives in Hermosa Beach
A musical adventure into the world of music. Jay, a musician himself, has worked in radio since 1984.
Live Show: 4th Mon. ea. Mo. 2pm PT
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Live Show: Wednesdays, 1pm PT
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Sharkies Pep Talk
Sharkie Zartman
Sat 3pm
Health Freedom Now
Marilyn SingletonMD, JD
Sat 4pm
Get inspiration from a former All American and National Team volleyball player and her guests. Sharkie lives in Hermosa Beach.
As a medical doctor and attorney get uncensored truth on issues to maintain health and health freedom of choice.Dr. Marilyn lives in Redondo.
Live Show:Fri 10am
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Live Call-In Show: 1st Mon ea Month 2pm
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